Thursday, April 26, 2007

Puerto Natales

We woke up close to Puerto Natales, near -50 South. There was this really cool "bird island" out in the water. We also got to watch the mountains dive into the ocean. The Andes had ended.... The view off the bridge as we were coming in to port were totally awesome as well. I spent a lot of time up on the observation deck just watching the land go by.

We all sat around for an hour waiting to disembark the Navimag, and then spent the afternoon walking around town, eating lunch during siesta when everything is closed, finding a hostel, and getting set to go to the giant park, Torres del Paine early in the morning. We stayed at the erratic rock. It's a totally awesome place run by an expat. Aparently everybody passing through this town is here to go to the park. It's expensive - $30 to enter, $20 for a bus, $20 for the boat in the park - but the views are spectacular.

Puerto Natales is a tiny sleepy town which seems to feed off the tourism. There were about 15 people handing out flyers for the various hostels waiting outside the Navimag....


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