Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Steamed Waterfalls

Today was wet. And cold. Very wet and cold. We arrived in Pucon at about 9am after an overnight bus ride from Santiago. I had slept enough, Claire was asleep for about 12 hours. (ok, more like 8.5). We got a car and went to the waterfalls & thermal baths. The waterfalls were raging. We went to Saltos La China and Leon. There was a very fragrant tree, Tepe, that made the forrest smell just awesome. The rain wasn´t so bad because we were wearing every single piece of clothing we have. It´s amazing how empty our backpacks are....
We decided to go to the "thermal baths" at Termas Menetue. They were more like hot pools in a resort, but it was fun anyways. It was totally empty and we had 4 giant pools of different temperature to split between about 10 people. Everyone left by 7pm so we had the run of the place. It was nice to just cook in warm water for an evening. I felt so sleepy. But, I think Claire takes sleepy to a new level. She´ll sleep through anything, and fall asleep wherever if you give her more than half a glass of wine.

It was a really nice day. We got a "double" in an older hostel here. It´s a little strange in that there´s no heat or insulation, and the kitchen is effectively outside. It´s upstairs, under a roof, but there´s no doors or screens. Very open. In the summer it has to be awesome, but in the winter, it´s un poco frio......


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