Saturday, March 31, 2007

Hanauma, Underwater Camera

I finally got around to trying out an underwater "bag" for my camera. Ewa-marine makes these cramp-sealed plastic bags with a hard-mounted lens that keeps your camera dry. Very neat. The water was decently clear, and much better far out. I went with Sonnett, Dolphin, and Liz's Mom. It was really good because everybody wore wetsuits and felt comfortable in deeper water for over 2 hours..... Good stuff. I'm still figuring out how to use this camera in low-light settings though. Underwater shooting is a horrible combination of low light and rapid motion - it's dark down there and fish (and people) move. Not good for cameras which need light..... I think a lot of these were somewhat grainy. I guess I just have to go out more. Anyone want to pay me $20/hr to go take underwater pictures for them? (><)!


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