Monday, April 23, 2007

Puerto Montt

We got up and took the bus south to Puerto Montt. We are taking the Navimag ferry south to Puerto Natales, in the southern Patagonia. It's 3 days on a freighter, should be fun. Puerto Montt is a dump of a town. Smells like diesel fumes. The markets were interesting. Somewhat weird. There's a ton of stray dogs down here and there's dog shit everywhere. They run in packs and bark at each other all the time. The dog fights are a little cool. Aparently, books are ridiculously expensive and Claire says they're taxed. We did go to a mall and managed to find a book store, maybe the only one in the city, but they didn't have maps of anything. Oh well. It was neat to see this port town anyways.

The Navimag was cool. Much more like a freigher than a cruise liner. We played cards till sunset, then Claire went to sleep and took AJ with her.


Blogger Liz said...

Yay!! Claire! Her hair in so long!!

How I need more Dave pics please...

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