Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Gallop

We had the car from last night for the first few hours of the morning and we took a drive towards Quelhue. The road was blocked by a river (wet few days) so we just enjoyed the scenery. Stopping by the supermarket, to try to emulate Liz, we decided to expolre the store as completely as we could. We found out that salad dressing and pasta sauce are non existant in this country. I´ve been to several stores now and they only have plain, sugar-loaded tomato-sauce in a tin can. She did try to ask for "italian lettuce sauce" and got some funny looks. Oh, and nothing asian, at all, period. Except shoyu (soy sauce). I have to agree with Sean, the food is pretty bland and unspectacular. Liz would complain loudly. Claire calls most cheeze "government cheeze". It all tastes the same. I don´t exaclty know why that´s government, but both are a bit unpleasant. Maybe that´s it....

Anyways, we decided to go ride horses. It was awesome. I got to gallop a number of times and take tons of cool pictures. Very awesome. 4 hours on a horse is enough to make your legs feel weird, but you cover a lot of ground. There were a ton of berries on the bushes and aparently they make liquor out of rosa masquete...... My horse was an agressive bitch. She would try to bite the other horses if they got close. If we were galloping and another tried to pass her, she´d cut them off. I had really good yank-reaction time by the end of that ride. At least the agressive ones run fast......


Blogger Liz said...

Wow, so was it the smallest horse ever? - why are you sitting up on it's neck?

7:26 AM  

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