Friday, April 20, 2007

A Beautiful Car Day

The weather was beautiful today. The hostel we´re in is full of Israelis. Tons of them. Signs in Hebrew..... They´re loud in the mornings. Anyways, we woke up early with them and left... The busses to the parks leave town at 6:30am and 2pm. We didn´t get up till 8. So, we hired a car ($50). It was a great day for a drive. The parks were totally empty. We drove north to Caburga, Lago Tinquilco, and then took a drive up to the ski resort on the volcano (Villarrica). The Conaf guy at the volcano park entrance was a little strange. He said there might be snow. I said, "ok, cold ok" and then he thought we needed to see a map of chile. And his personal pictures on the nearby computer, like we didn´t know what a volcano was.... or snow for that matter...... Anyways, Clarie thought I was funny for eating cheeze without putting it on something. And then made a comment about how I probably eat it with meat using a swiss-army knife. I do.....


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