Saturday, April 21, 2007

Killing a few hours

I've got a few hours to kill in Pucon before heading off to Puerto Varas. Today has been a day of mass confusion, walking, and internet. Note to self - when arranging meetings in foreign countries, get details sorted out before hand....

AJ is supposed to meet us in Puerto Varas sometime at some unspecified place. We have the cell phone so we can´t call him, but he didnt call us either. He was in a panic cause he can´t find his passport..... Yes, panic is the right word..... Claire didn´t know if AJ was on a bus south last night or this morning so we had planned to get there mid day today. She had bought bus tickets to Puerto Varas for us for this morning, but we couldn´t return the rental car till 10am and we were stuck splitting up. The bus schedule was 8am, 4pm, so we couldn´t just eat a few hours, it had to be the day. Go figure. So, Claire is on her way to Puerto Varas to hopefully find AJ and get themselves sorted out before I get there later today.

Nothing opens here before 9:30am, except busses, so I´ll be filling in the last couple days on the blog..... I did get to go for an early morning drive though. Good views of the bridge to Quelhue and the volcanoes over near Argentina.


Blogger Liz said...

you take beautiful pretty pictures Dave. Now I'm demanding some of Claire. *cute*

7:33 AM  

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