Saturday, April 28, 2007

Leaving Torres del Paine

Today, we got up after a cold night of rain and hiked a bit along the trail to the East, towards the center of the park. We got a late start, but it was cruisy, and a very clear day. The glacial lake was a ridiculous blue. Claire got grossed out by mud.... The boat ride back to the docks had neat views of the Torres. On the drive back we got nice views of the park from the South. The range really is huge.... it stands out a lot. We're on a bus to Punta Arenas tomorrow to sit at the airport till 6am when we fly back to Santiago. I can't imagine that's going to be too much fun.... Hopefully I'll get some good shots out the window. Oh, and the site wanted $660 for a ticket, whereas sold it for $160. Learn spanish, get a giant discount. Go figure.

Torres del Paine from the South

Driving along the southern front......

Giant lenticulars at night. The clouds were crazy.


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