Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pupukea Day

Thursday night Joe brought up some 'firsties' - new grad students - to spend the night at my place. They wanted a day at the airfield before a night of fire twirling. It was a really fun day with a bunch of beach time in between flights. Heather, Hai and Meng got rides and I did some solo training as well as a TerraPAC photo run with Billy. The fire twirling party was pretty damn awesome. The clouds (and mild sprinkles) gave way to full moon around 10pm. *AND* I didn't have to drive an hour home!!!! Heather, Joanna and Kirsten ended up staying after fire twirling. They were the smart ones.... Joanna had to leave early to work in town but Heather and Kirsten stayed a day. We ran around Pupukea.... and giggled a lot. Enough to name the trio "Team Giggle". It was mostly Heather's doing really.


Blogger Jesse said...

Ok so I gotta admit, the first pic w/ the orange = green is pretty friggin cool. I'm sticking to my BW NIR guns, but that one turned out very nice. Also, I like girls...

2:04 PM  
Blogger geekedout said...

Ha. I think anyone who knows you knows you like girls! ;) I think if you stare at the color IR pics, you'll start to get over the freaky surrealism and start to get in to the freaky surrealism.... It's weird, but kind of funky.

6:40 PM  

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