Sunday, August 10, 2008

Driving Home

The drive back from Yuba was pretty cool. Clear air and sunny weather.

Birefringence!!!! Polarized light from the sky comes through the plastic of the tinting and the polarization of different colors gets changed by different amounts. The polarizer on the camera lens catches it.
I got a chance to play with the Zernike software a bit more. I got the polynomial fits for both my eyes uploaded and made maps of the focus-corrected PSF and wavefront. If my eye were perfect the PSF would be a small dot and the wavefront would be a single flat shade of grey....
The software lets you put in a bunch of different aberrations (astygmatism, coma, etc) and shows you the psf, wavefront and "transfer function"....


Blogger Liz said...

Cool that you got to map your eyes. I remember you always trying to figure out how they distort the light.. now you have a pic of it on your computer!

9:02 AM  

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