Thursday, July 31, 2008

Two days of flying!

I've spent the last couple days down at the airfield trying to get ready for my certification. I've been told that I'll be taking my test and my check ride the week I get back from Santa Cruz, around the 14th - 18th. I did 36 landings on Wed and another 9 on Thurs. No-airbrake landings, cross-wind landings, and some aerial manuvers. It was really fun to just go 'up' and 'down'. I'd hit 90 then pull up hard, climb 300 feet till I hit maybe 50ish, then try to hold zero-g in a downward arc till I was going 90 again. Good times. Makes your stomach feel a little funny. I did some big 360 turns too... They're on the test. I also did my first landing at Kalaeloa, the airfield down in the south-west corner of the island. Intense radio work. I also took my first solo flight cross-country. I climbed up to 2500ft on the ridge then flew over to Waimea and Pupukea. What a sense of freedom...

Older shots showing my new apartment in Pupukea. Billy's place is the angled top and I'm in the one 'above' it.
Pupukea, up above the cliff.

Looking back on Pupukea with Ke Iki beach in the foreground, Sharks Cove as the rocks in the middle coastline and Waimea bay as the beach behind.


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You look way serious when you fly Captain x

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