Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Homestead!

I headed out to Hot Springs VA, out with 'the twangers' and almost all of the family from my moms side. I got to catch an awesome sunrise at uncle Daves place before we drove for a few hours out to the homestead thing. Basically we're going to be chillin at da pool, playing euchre (it's a MI thing) and drinking scotch (hopefully).


The players:

The patriarch - in to world war 2, cross words, olives, martinis, stogies and scaring old ladies.
The matriarch - will kill you at spite-n-malice if you even think about getting uppity.

Doug, with fierce northern michigan euchre skills and a taste for cigars, he'll hide the right bauer in a cloak of secrecy. Diane (mom) refuses to have pictures taken. A testament to her skill at hiding trump. She's a risk taker. Calling up diamonds just because. A bit reckless but fully capable. Just look for the menthol cigarettes and a diet coke.

Fabulous Auntie C - a newbie to the game, often spending more time ordering drinks from the 'little nephews and nieces' or talking 'shops' (not shop). Beware of beginners luck. She'll lay trump without you (or her) knowing it!

Dave - a wily and sly business man. You'll think you made a deal to save yourself, but read the fine print. You just signed away your life.Kieth - his comedic skills keep you distracted. He'll joke and fart his way in to distracting you then steal the deal and the tricks. Keep your poker face ready.
The apprentice. Under Doug, his skills are growing rapidly. Beware the swifness of youth.


Blogger Diane Harrington said...

Dave that is spot on with everyone great memories!

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