Saturday, July 05, 2008


I'm in La Malbaie (2hrs north-east of Quebec City) for the astronomical polarimetry conference. I unsuspectingly thougth that I didn't need to prepare that much for an international trip. And, I didn't really. The visa is granted on the spot. But I figured that it would be dual-language, like most of Canada. Whoops. I'm in the French part. It feels like some weird combination of northern michigan with some frenchness. It's actually scarily like michigan in some respects. Wider streets, quiet, green yards and rolling hills, pizza and steak places everywhere.... but with a spotless clean and some good quality thrown on top. You can't find an old looking house anywhere. I think the government requires all houses be painted freshly by April 1st every year and all streets to be swept on weekdays ending with the letters 'day'. It's some weird combo of europe meets white people pizza-eaters. I find it pleasantly confusing.


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