Friday, June 27, 2008

Painful Summit Time

I've been working the day and night shifts up on the summit. It's pretty painful. I've got one more night to go. It's been really productive - the Apogee CCD is working fine and I've got the new setup characterized fairly well. The polarimetry is working great. The project on Io is looking like it will work just fine, especially when the replacement guiding hardware comes in. It will probably work fine without it too. Data is flowing! Over at SolarC, Meghan and Nathan are at the point where they can basically open up the scope, calibrate and collect data on their own. Thank god. I'm going to bed at 6am and they'll be starting to open up around 7:30. I don't want to wake up at 9am again and stay up all night. We had some major alignment/focus issues to sort out, but now I think I've got that instrument mostly understood and sorted out. On to paper writing, review responding and presentation preparing.....

New CCD reduction software.
SolarC fiber bundle alignment
SolarC observations of the corona (and sky) in the infra-red.


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