Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I went up for my solo flight around 7am Tues morning. I did one landing with Steve and then three alone. It was a little freaky before I got in the air. You know, thought's of how I was going to die painfully when I flip the plane on the runway and stuff like that. But once I got in the air it was fine. Good stuff. My first landing was actually my best. I got distracted talking to other planes in the pattern on the last one and forgot to hit my airbrakes on the downwind. Whoops. Overshot my landing by a bit. Then Steve poured cold water all over me and we went up for another lesson to prepare for my full license. Good stuff. This morning I had the airfield all to myself for an hour and did 8 landings. Tomorrow, I'm off to the ridge.... alone!!

Other than that, I'm just working on a paper and on a review I just got. And making mosaics with the new CCD data. Boring stuff. At least I've got a new aparment to arrange when I get bored thinking about spectropolarimetry. Anyways, off to work some more.


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