Thursday, June 12, 2008

SolarC Day, HiVIS Night

I picked Don up at the aiport, grabbed Meg and Nathan and we headed up in to the fog. It was a junk day, but we were doing basically lab stuff, so no big deal. We got the calibration sequence down, took some darks, flats, biases and other random test/cal data. After finishing that day, I headed over to do the night shift on HiVIS. I got the Apogee aligned with the proper optic settings (focus, cross-disperser, xy-stage and cal-stage). The rest of the time was spent mapping the focal plane. It took a while to process that first test image - the jpg down below comes from a 400MB image.... But I got a good sense of the camera. Tomorrow, hopefully we'll be on the sky with SolarC and I can get some time to do some more detector characterization.....

The fiber bundle that sends light into the SolarC spectrograph.
The "image plane" fiber bundle at the focus of the SolarC telescope that feeds the spectrograph.
The HiVIS focal plane, attempt number 1, no processing.


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