Sunday, August 03, 2008

Building an AO Bench

In the morning, we all went down to Natural Bridges for some hang time before Bri went back to the city. Then I had to bike up to campus to begin the setup for the summer-school labs. There were three main groups. The first was Adaptive Optics Demonstration (Me, Sylvana and JD helping to setup/tear-down) showing a live AO system. The second was Vision Science (Jen, Nicole & Ian with some help from a few others) with some lenses and a neat 'optometrist-like' setup to measure your eye's distorted wavefront. The third was Fourier-optics (Tuan, JD and Mike) to look at how diffractive effects influence images (the point-spread function relates to the Fourier transform of the aperture). Basically, everybody was arriving today to set up for the summer school. We had to get the AO bench out of boxes and running on the table.

Sylvana, JD and I setting up till ~10pm....


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