Tuesday, August 05, 2008

AO Day 2 - Trial Runs and Live Fire

Today was the first day with actual students (or demo-people) on the agenda. The first few hours I spent getting everything aligned and the process down smooth. I was a test-dummie for the vision science activity and then Nicole and another 'test subject' were dummies for me. After dinner, the first group came down for the real lab.

The "influence matrix" shows how the deformable mirror moves the wave-front-sensing spots.
Nicole & Ann being test subjects.

During the vision science activity I had my eye's wavefront, point-spread-function and mod-transfer-function measured. My left and right eye wavefronts are dominated by defocus but the other terms were fairly strong too....
You use the Zernike polynomials to describe the wavefront as it enters your eye (entrance aperture). They look like this.
The first row is piston, tip and tilt. The second is astygmatism at 45, defocus and astygmatism at 90. They get more complicated as you get further down (coma, trifoil, tetrafoil etc). The setup measures the amplitude of these aberrations through zernike 10.


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