Thursday, October 27, 2005


A few weekends ago, we discovered camping at Kualoa. This beachpark on the windward is awesome in the full moon. We stayed for 2 days and bummed around....

Friday, October 21, 2005

What the Fk

I'm very confused right now. As most of you guys know, Hawaii is a weird mix of beautiful stuff and some very ghetto grossness. Living in pearl city so far, Lisa's car was stolen and stripped, Nicks car stereo was stolen after they drilled his lock, Liz's truck had her window smashed on the leeward so somebody could steal some PANTS!, somebody crawled underneath our house and took a 1gallon plastic gas container (since gas here was ~3.70, at least it had some perceived value), and now, just 10 minutes ago, I found out that somebody had gone into the saddle-bag of my bike (locked up on our porch) and taken my bike tool. Net value ~$10. The really confusing thing is, they left me this dirty bag of quarters. Like they were sorry so they gave me a few bucks back. This is almost like when Liz had her bike seat stolen from IfA. Somebody cut the lock, and unscrewed the seat from the post, then coiled the cut lock around her handle bars, so she's be sure to find it, and put the seat post back almost exactly like it was (at 3 in the afternoon right outside the main door). I'm glad they were curtious and neat about it, but wtf.... So anyways, now i have to go use some dirty quarters to go buy my self a new tool.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Summer Hikes

Here's the best of my hikes this summer. I put a bunch more on my website. I can't say I was very hardcore this summer. I did much more work/beach than other stuff. It doesn't feel like it's changing that much either....... The summer was wicked hot. It was great for beaching but I ended up sitting in the shade reading obscure books by faculty members so that I could sucessfully regurgitate on command. Now that the regurgitation is successfully over, I can brush my teeth, eat an altoid, and get back into fun stuff. First stop, cali for turkey-day with liz & jesse!! I hear the granite of yaus-might calling!



Pupukea - An awesome guy liz works with has a house on the north shore. we did some hanging out up there in late july. talk about sweet!!!

Pali lookout

Pupukea again!

Summer Stories

I've finally updated my webpage a bit. More pics and redo's of a few of the older ones with better html.... It's been a ton of fun going through them all.

One of the big things that happened this summer was my 2 weeks on Maui for deep impact. The clouds were crazy the first week there so I got some of the best timelapse EVER!! Thanks to my bro for dealing with hanging out up there. The crater is such a unique place. Dry as hell, mild, and olympus like. You look down on the rest of the island as if it was somehow detached. all you need are some lightning bolts to throw at the sinners!! I finally got to hike the crater, but only after my bro. i'm a slack bitch, what can i say?? oh - and i had a lot of work to do for 'that nasa thing that happened a while ago'.

Here's where I work - see the fuzzy white-ish blob on the top of the mountain......

Brian getting a bit nipply in the crater....

so here's where you sit and watch for sinners with your zeus-bolt. Did anyone see the movie about alaxander the great with Angelina j-something. i can't believe how bad that movie was. i think zeus should have taken them out when he had a chance.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Megan's Old

My little sister, Megan, is now 7. This was taken when she was 5ish, but it gets the point across. That girl can talk on the phone for hours! I think there's some kind of fem-training that all little girls go through...... I'm constantly amazed by how quickly they learn too. In the last few years, she's gone from hardly saying 2 words on the phone to basically chatting indefinately. My last 2 years of learning is reatarted in comparison. I just wrote a few papers and learned how to make myself frustrated by sitting in front of a computer.....

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Diggin on the Bean

i think the first thing i should say about the summer was how cool it was to have met claire and started hanging out with sean. claire, aka "BEAN", made the summer. awesome. i also got over my fear of hanging out with IfA people because of sean. most of the people there are crazy and it made me run far far away. anyways, here's a tribute to bean. we had some very awesome times.

the bean at mariners ridge

the bean kayaking at kualoa

the bean at roundtop lookout

the bean at makapuu

the bean squishing belly at the pali

the bean with dave and sean at the pali

the bean hiking

the bean in a cork tree that has crossed it's legs

the bean with liz

the bean at the beach

Out of the studyhole

Rotorua Lake in New Zealand - We spent many nights here.
Liz n Claire at Kolekole Pass
Taranaki in New Zealand - the andesite volcano on the west coast.
Haleakala Silverswords

Nick n Lisa in the office with the 'bonus papayas' from the farmers market.

At last I'm free of the qualifying exams!! I can't wait to get on with everything. I'm going to be posting lots of random crap from the summer. Here's the last of the random photos from the last little bit.

Links & Hommage

as usual, i can't figure out how to put something up the first time i try. i must pay hommage to these awesome blogs -

they're much more creative than me! if i could figure out how to link them, i would!

Images and talks

last night i decided to try to go through all my pictures and put them into an album instead of having them piled in the bottom of my filing cabinet. damn, i have way too many pictures! so, it took about 2 hours to get them all roughly chronological. it was awesome remembering all the little details of the last few years but by about 3am i only had one book done so now there's just piles of pictures all over..... so much for preparing for my 'talk' today.

i think i got the image viewing issues sorted - the blogger website was funky last night.

i'm stealing a link from claire - very very awesome.

Sunday, October 02, 2005


here's a quick snapshot of the last few years. brazilian jiu jitsu, hiking, firetwirling, basically outdoors everything. and - timelapse of clouds. most of my pics so far are at as well as any other random crap.

Hello World

Spacetime : Oahu, Hawaii, Pacific Ocean, Earth, MilkyWay, Z~0.

So far, so good.