Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Diggin on the Bean

i think the first thing i should say about the summer was how cool it was to have met claire and started hanging out with sean. claire, aka "BEAN", made the summer. awesome. i also got over my fear of hanging out with IfA people because of sean. most of the people there are crazy and it made me run far far away. anyways, here's a tribute to bean. we had some very awesome times.

the bean at mariners ridge

the bean kayaking at kualoa

the bean at roundtop lookout

the bean at makapuu

the bean squishing belly at the pali

the bean with dave and sean at the pali

the bean hiking

the bean in a cork tree that has crossed it's legs

the bean with liz

the bean at the beach


Blogger Claire said...

I'm so flattered! Thanks for making my summer rock. A summer I still can't get over. It makes me realize that I should be having fun a lot more than I do.

I had a dream last night that L.L.Bean's new catalogue was full of picture of me, naked, doing awesome adventurous things. I think it's all rather ironic.

4:44 AM  

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