Sunday, August 31, 2008

Driving Home

We woke up before dawn and headed out to beat the traffic and have a full day to recover. And clean. The dust, good god the dust. Breakfast in Reno (the waitress was asking about the burn). A swim in lake Tahoe on the way across the Sierra. Salvadorian dinner in "Frisco" with Bri and a good old fashioned pass-out on the couch after driving the 1 home. The electric cellist CD was killer for letting your mind wander and reflect on society, your personal experience of things and the radically different everything that had just happened. It felt very sideways and scrambled, in a very good way.

Infra-red Burning Shots

The stark desert landscape....

Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Burning Fireworkish Man

Friday, August 29, 2008

A Temple Day

A bunch of us spent the day at the temple....

Mantis! This dude was on a shoe and coat for about 5 hours hanging out next to the twins van.
Body painting!
A day is perfect with a hat!
Parachuters landing.
The temple.

Twins looking solemn and directionally indecisive.
The man from the temple with Black Rock City behind.
Guz, Temple, Babylon

Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Dusty Walking Day....

The sunsets were pretty damn beautiful as well. These were from a walk to the "Safe Tent" across the circle.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Playa parties

Another excellent day in dry hot weather.

Coffee and pastries at Hippocampus.
Spinning metal angel wings on the 3 oclock promenade.
The city, filling out nicely.
Da Boys on Babalyon. The American shades were most excellent!
Hookahans Unite!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A day in the desert.

A bunch of us spent the day biking around in the desert heat. I can't believe how much water I drank without "losing" a drop. I ended up passing out really early and sleeping very very well....

The Man with dusty flags.
The theme this year was the "American Dream". Lots of artwork was based on that. Costumes too.
"Mal Mart".
Who else but Brian?
The city starting to fill in....
"The Kitchen".
Getting the dome ready to start the afternoon service. Wake up all the sleeping people, vacuum, redo the pillows, clean the hookahs and pack some fresh tobacco.
The building of the temple as seen from Babylon.


Or sometimes called "Mutant Vehicles" in Black Rock City.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Burning Man

Good god, what an experience. I don't know where to start so I'll just post some pictures and maybe they'll speak for me. I lost temporal coherence very early on so I think most of the stories will just come out randomly at best.

Look at the map on and check out the burning blog.

The crew, Brian Nick Jesse Dave, headed out for the desert Sunday afternoon. We drove through the night and made it through the gate by maybe 4am. There was a 2-mile long glowing snake of lights to get in and by the greeters. The stars were out and the desert was very welcoming. The city was, in retrospect, entirely empty. By 6am we had the tent up. The sunrise was fantastic. I caught a few hours of sleep before going for a dust-storm filled playa bike ride. I then ended up spending most day helping get the dome set up and running. As well as working the 'hospitality' shift till about 3:30am. There were a couple wonderful random walks in there on breaks with Nick and Bri. Jesse disappeared with "Fluffy". We met a lot of people. This won't make any sense but I think the highlights were Playa Angels & Greeters, Jeff's Rolling Philosophy, The White Hat of Power, Center Camp Naked Espresso Contact Dance and The Grinders.

Sunrise colors with the 3-o'clock promenade in view.
Sunrise on the western range.
The man faces 6 o'clock and was on a multi-story structure (covered with various counties flags).
Setting up the Hookahdome on the Esplanade. The main street runs right in front of our dome. By the end, 11 more streets would go in behind us (along with a total of I'm-told 60-70 thousand people). We were "immediately next door to front and center", right on main street.
The man inside the circle.
Setting up the lighting in the dome. This place was a dust-free paradise for the trip, especially with the evaporative coolers keeping it nice inside. Beautiful.
Deep playa with mountains.
The flaming lotus. Read to see it in action at the burn.
The map of the city. The man is in the center with promenades at 3, 6 and 9 o'clock. The esplenade is the inner most street, main-street. Center camp is on the esplanade at 6. The airport was at 5. The giant dance clubs were at 10 and 2. The "deep desert" art was in the open space around and above 12. There was the giant babalyon structure out in the desert past 2....

Burning Man Maps Page