Sunday, October 09, 2005

Summer Stories

I've finally updated my webpage a bit. More pics and redo's of a few of the older ones with better html.... It's been a ton of fun going through them all.

One of the big things that happened this summer was my 2 weeks on Maui for deep impact. The clouds were crazy the first week there so I got some of the best timelapse EVER!! Thanks to my bro for dealing with hanging out up there. The crater is such a unique place. Dry as hell, mild, and olympus like. You look down on the rest of the island as if it was somehow detached. all you need are some lightning bolts to throw at the sinners!! I finally got to hike the crater, but only after my bro. i'm a slack bitch, what can i say?? oh - and i had a lot of work to do for 'that nasa thing that happened a while ago'.

Here's where I work - see the fuzzy white-ish blob on the top of the mountain......

Brian getting a bit nipply in the crater....

so here's where you sit and watch for sinners with your zeus-bolt. Did anyone see the movie about alaxander the great with Angelina j-something. i can't believe how bad that movie was. i think zeus should have taken them out when he had a chance.


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