Saturday, May 05, 2007

Working in Zurich

I spent yesterday working at ETH with Sveta, Jeff, and Dominic trying to sort out what my observations might mean. We also spent some time working on the June observing run and coming up with some new projects. I put in a full day (10-6) without sleeping, but I passed out from 7p-9a. I had been mostly-awake for something like 60 hours....

Today, we went to the Zurich museum in the afternoon and had dinner. It was neat to see the history of this place - Celtic, Roman, then competing tribes and countries till now.

Jeff and I went back to work, and now it's really late.... But I've got a bunch of good things accomplished. I'm believing my data more and more.... Work tomorrow thru tuesday night should sort most of it out.

I've been working out of a common room:
Jeff at his desk - aparently, he's a 2-month temporary employee of ETH while he's here.
Dominic, Sveta, and Jeff at the Museum. Don't tell anybody I took a picture in there - It's verbotten.
The river near town center.

I've been staring at squiggles like this for over a year now.... I just want them to be published and done with.


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