Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tech Tales

What an awesome visit it's been... I had no idea that there'd be so much to do with the department. Basically, I've been talking non stop since I got here. My talk went really well. The style is very different in the physics department. It's more like the Socratic dialogues - discussion and question as they come up. I've spent a bunch of time one-on-one with old profs talking about my research and what the education at tech did and how it could improve (and how it's changed). I also set up one grad student with a month-long "internship" on Maui. Neat that I was able to make that connection. And I had two days of sun, one day of thunderstorm and one day of grey-but-ok. Way better than statistics would suggest!!! I fly to Cali tomorrow....


Blogger Liz said...

YAY!!!! Mineral museum!!! it's so beautiful up there on a nice day.. *sigh*

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