Thursday, November 15, 2007

A Fog Day

Brian forgot to give me the keys today. I was in his room working 8am-6pm. At least I got some good stuff done. The PASP paper was accepted after my revisions, so that's good. I put that, and the Bioastronomy conference proceedings up on Arxiv. Now they're public. I just hope I didn't screw anything up. Every time I publish, there's this happiness and dread. Good to be done with it, but I really hope there's nothing major wrong with it. Retractions must suck. Say goodbye to your reputation. I guess that's why I'm so paranoid and do all those simulations of reduction errors. Anyways, I got a few good timelapses of the Fog-set. Bri and I went to some mexican place and then I almost got sick. Running that night wasn't too fun... but the fog-city view from Dolores park was great.


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