Saturday, September 15, 2007

Paddle to the Nut

Today, Liz wanted me to go with her to the nut to keep her company on a work-saturday. This was all fine and good, but I'm not allowed on the island. I can't take the ferry. A co-worker who lived two docks down said we could borrow kayaks, an outrigger, or a longboard and just paddle out. It's not that far off shore. Liz was ok on the outrigger. However, I was not expecting there to be a super-tippy hardcore kayak instead of the normal sit-on-top ocean kayak I'm used to. I fell off twice just trying to get past the dock. I gave up pretty quickly and grabbed the long board. We started to paddle out. Liz was getting blown around by the wind in the outrigger, and I was getting chop in my face. The real nasty part was the bare fiberglass. I noticed a rash up my left arm. There was this patch of bare fiberglass that was really pissing my skin off. I was unable to wear a shirt for the day..... The ride back in was much better. Liz paddled, and I took the outrigger. I think both our shoulders are sore as hell, but going with the wind with the waves at your back is sooo much easier. And I paddled Liz for a third of the distance. Outriggers are good for that at least.


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