Friday, August 24, 2007

Upcountry Springs

Liz and I are camping on Judy's lawn on Maui till Sunday night. It's really nice to relax and go see some of Maui. Today was a somewhat grey day and Liz and I went up Olinda to a hike to some "springs" that are only springs in pouring rain. No rain today.... It starts in a wood-farm (planted tree-grove) and goes down a big hill to a giant cliff face with hobbit-sized caves that spray water when it's gushing out. Very fun.

I shamelessly stole Jesse's color-bw technique and tried it out on Liz.....

Kahului and some rain from an upcountry view.

Wood farm aka planted trees.

Liz in a hobbit hole in the cliff.
Hardcore "camping" on Judy's lawn..... The first night, there was a horrible dog-poo smell that we didn't track down till the next day when some little dog came over and tried to crap on our tent and in front of Judy's door. The chickens roam the neighborhood at night spreading chickensong.


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