Sunday, August 19, 2007

Lanikai, Manoa

This weekend was really chill - Friday was 'statehood day' so no grappling/boxing. Liz and I went over to Gabriel and Maki's place to do a Korean BBQ. I haven't really had time with Gabe for many months. Very cool. In the usual good-host tradition, my glass was never empty. I had way too much wine.... We got up Saturday and grabbed Jeff and the kayak and met Rahul over on Lanikai. As soon as we got the kayak ready, a windy, driving rain started. All hope was almost lost when I saw a break in the rain and what looked like normal trade-clouds behind it. In 10 minutes the nastyness had passed and beautiful weather started. Weird how variable it is..... Jeff and I paddled Maki out to the Mokulua islands and back. Afterward, we chilled over at Rahul's place till late. Rahul said "I'm not as fat as I used to be"..... running is doing some good! And, I actually had a beer I liked. Maybe someday I'll be able to drink man-drinks. Sunday, Liz and I basically stayed local and ended up hiking Manoa falls for sunset. I forgot how great the beginning of that hike is with it's giant jungle ampitheater. Too bad I forgot camera batteries..... Anyways, it was good to just hang out for a weekend.

Gabriel helping Maki figure out snorkeling.


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Liked the Liz cut out! You can Gabriel hanging out again?

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