Sunday, July 29, 2007

A day off on the summit

The last day or two has been interesting. I don't know why exactly, but there's been a lot on my mind. Random social stuff as well as personal things. I spent some time yesterday and today either at the crater lookouts, hiking down to a rock outcrop, or out on the Mees catwalk (full moon with incredible views). It's been nice having some solitary time, but good company would have been nice too. There's only so much you can do internally, even though the beauty of this place can keep you occupied for days.... I did get a bit of work stuff done, and that's been exciting - the giant pile of data I've collected over the last year is finally starting to make sense and show some neat things. The last few weeks I've really realized how close graduation is, and how I have a "hard but feasable" path for the next year. Now all I have to do is code, plot, and write like crazy....

Here's some HDR shots I took this morning - the channel was really clear. 200-300 images stacked and red-filtered.

Mauna Loa
Kohala & Mauna Kea
The Hamakua coastline
An enhanced zoom-in of the Waipio/Pololu cliffs. They look so small.....


Blogger bjswift said...

Damn, D, I love your photography. Always beautiful! Almost makes me want to come back...

10:08 PM  

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