Sunday, July 15, 2007

Night in Old San Juan

Today was the first day of the gradstudent/post-doc session - we all got our own miniconference at the beginning. My talk was 2nd. It's neat because grads & post-docs aren't scared to ask basic questions - they don't have ego's and reputations to protect yet. Since there's a bunch of astro's, geo's, bio's and chemists, all working as astrobiogeochemists at this conference, we can get really basic. The AbGradCon talks went well. I hope to update pics soon - I have to track down one of the guys who took pictures. Afterwards we all went to a big dinner and I got to meet some neat people. A smaller group of us went down to the old city. It felt really carribbean. We went to an older bar to play pool and kill some time - since it was only midnight and this place runs on latin time, nobody starts partying till 1 or 2am. We then walked down a ways to the place with the angels. It was a ton of fun. A small drum/horn group played for a little while, in between the dj's. Faik got to dance with an angel, and Inge & Irene won the pole/podium dance contest. I was the promoter! Go astrobiogeochemists!


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