Thursday, September 13, 2007

Maunawili Falls Hike

Liz and I headed over to Rahul's place for a windward day. Liz got all caffinated and decided to do some html - I showed her that it was super easy to make a webpage, and she geeked out for the day. Rahul and I took a break and went to the Maunawili Falls trail. I'll get this one linked from the hike page soon.... Anyways, it was short, sweet, and nice. I think this one gets added to the tour package.


Pali lookout.
People at the falls - the pool is really deep and some local kids (skipping school like I was skipping work) were jumping 20-30ft off various rocks.
The river.
The view from Rahul's place is always fabulous.....


Anonymous rahul said...

Good hike. I will add it to rotation as well. The pictures turned out great.

12:24 PM  

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