Thursday, September 20, 2007


I'm shocked and amazed! The fog has lifted and the cirrus have disappeared! I managed to get a full 6 hours on the sky tonight. It's been great. The last couple days have been super frustrating. At night, you can see through the 'humidity' - there's a thin ground layer that's usually not even proper fog - it's just 90% humidity and you can't let bare metal out in that. It's made for some good time-lapse, but it feels like such a waste to be over here and stuck in a kitchen... And I guess I've been a little stir-crazy too. Not much to do up here but work on a paper and proposals.

Moonset timelapse:
The fog swirling around the summit:

I managed to do something really neat yesterday - I applied a rotation to my data and basically matched other data I had from a "real" instrument on Mauna Kea. It's a good sanity check.
And then I found a nasty little issue - the continuum polarization I measure depends on the focus.... It shouldn't. At least, not this much.


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