Friday, July 14, 2006

Macritche Sweat

I spent the morning with a dedicated group of comet-polarimetry women. Reiko, Edith, Anny-Chantel, and Ludmilla. Just the mix of accents was enough do make me feel very tired just listening. I can't imagine what non-native speakers must feel like. It looks like I'm writing a paper summarizing the DI polarimetry. It's lots more work but good to make me sort everything out.

I finally got enough food for once - I stormed the buffet and had 4 plates plus two dessert plates and some icecream. Finally, I feel full for under $40!!!

Karen and I headed up to Macritche resavoir and did a 5-6 mile jungle hike in the afternoon, maybe 5.5 miles. I think I soaked through my shirt early and Karen kept complaining that she was only 3/4 soaked through and I didn't look wet. It was very very jungle though - dragons, monkies, and air so thick it felt liquid.

The dragon (monitor lizard, but dragon sounds so much cooler) was rubbing it's head into the dirt. I don't know why. We did the "treetop-walk" which had a pretty neat view. The two automatic-rifle-armed soldiers at the entrance threw me off a bit. They were pretty nice and didn't say anything, but Singapore executes people who spit on the sidewalk and the park entrance did have some frightening signs. The usual "no-tresspassing" sign didn't say "we will prosecute", it just had a picture of a man with a giant rifle pointed at a blindfolded man's head....... "Beware, snipers will shoot you on sight if you step off the trail."


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AAHHH!! You got to see monkeys!!! Iluvthem.

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