Saturday, July 15, 2006

Last Day

So, It looks like I will be writing up the polarimetry summary paper. One more thing to add to the list. Since I'm not a city guy, Singapore is expensive, Karen buys me lots of beer at the pool, it's very hot & sticky out, and the 4th floor posh-as pool is a really nice place to hang out, I just sat by the pool basically all day getting the draft of the polarimetry paper going and reading a few papers the polarimetry people had given me. All-in-all, not too exciting.
I did however, go to that "restaurant-row" for dinner on the last night. Every one that I passed had somebody standing out side trying to shove you in to the restaurant. "Dinner sir?" "Happy-beer 1$ 1$!" "You like seafood???". I must have oozed tourist (white, with backpack, looking horribly lost?). But.... I discovered the secret to Singapore - Massive Air-con! They have these alley's that separate the buildings and every one has 10 air conditioners sticking out the back!


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