Saturday, December 17, 2005

Strange LA

when you think of LA, do you think of open space and cold? i didn't. but that's what it seems to be in santa monica and the coast. i think it's partly because of all the billionaire estates with castles, porches, and dogs named tiffany..... the PCH is quite pretty. and it's been cold here. 50's n 60's. WTF? i thought i would be coming here, sweating my ass off, surrounded by a bunch of people. it's been a bit of a shock. lots of things seem as they should. everything costs $5 million and if you drive anything less than a 1995BMW people look at you sideways, but there are no big buildings and lots of space. the 'image' if you will is nice. all of the houses are pretty. even the townhouse developments don't look as glaringly generic-a. thanks lynn. anyways. that's it for now. food is fabulous and the coast is nice. i suppose i shouldn't have run away from LA so quickly when carly n michelle came. only, then i remember that i couldn't have afforded the $5 valet beach parking.... actually, i still can't. if i wasn't such a mooch on my dear auntie c, i would have starved.......


Blogger Diane Harrington said...

Aunti C loves her nephew's mooching and I'm looking forward to seeing her new place on my trip out

9:36 AM  

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