Tuesday, December 13, 2005

more pics

i've been stuck in a conference room all day. i've done a lot of code-writing. i'll be posting a little thing later since people are somewhat curious about the day-to-day. anyways, here's some more plane shots. the middle to the west is by far the most interesting. no offense to the east coast, but it's flat and woody. good for forrest stuff, but boring as all hell from a window.

a frozen river in colorado
owens valley, CA - notice how the sierra's just drop off to the flats. if i'm not mistaken, this is the last valley of the basin-and-range, where the crust is streching and pulling apart into separate mountain belts.
san fran & the golden gate. it was grey as all hell. on the drive to and from yaus-might we couldn't see more than a mile in the central valley. haze everywhere. i don't know what was going on....


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