Monday, July 13, 2009

Total Solar Eclpise, Here I Come

The moon will block the sun and cast it's shadow on to the Earth July 22nd 2009. The penumbra will cover much of the planet but the total eclipse is only inside the much smaller umbra. I'll be on Enewetak atoll, camera ready. I'm leaving Wednesday, very early, and will not
have phone or internet until the 27th.... Here goes!
A group of 20 or so astro-leaning people will be making the trek to Majuro, the capital of the Marshall Islands. Don't forget that the entire country has fewer people than the little Michgan town I called home for my first 20 years. At any rate, we're in Majuro for a few days then flying to the center of the shadow in Enewetak atoll.
I'm curious to see the area and places in and around where the giant nukes were tested in the 50's... say Bikini atoll. What a strange idea that entire islands were just obliterated. The google map is here.

If you follow the google link to this site: - you'll find a shot of the atoll taken from the air.


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wow, the runway extends off the island, got your floaties?

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