Saturday, June 27, 2009

Working on an airplane.

I spent most of the day learning interesting things about how to fix airplanes. The Grob is frustratingly close to flying. It's almost painful. The intake manifold is re-bolted. New muffler. New seat upholstry. New magneto. Completely overhauled propeller - looks and acts like new. Windows are molded and new glass is on it's way....

So, almost all of these things are done but there's all the little stuff that gets in the way. We tried to run up the engine today to check it, but the battery was dead from a month of disuse. Whoops. And the air filters are off for much-needed changing anyways. I went to re-tape all the airframe gaps (reduces drag) and noticed that a hinge was toally rusted and frozen. We had to remove the tail and pound on it to fix it. That inspired me to redo all the hinges. So, what was supposed to be a day with a test flight turned in to a day troubleshooting little things. Always something to learn down there.


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