Thursday, July 02, 2009

Test Flight!

The Grob is finally flying again. After a few days of hard work, everything is in and working great. It performs and looks really nice. New seats, new prop, new muffler, new magneto, new wing tape and a lot of little fixes. And, to kick it off, Steve went up with me and we did some pretty serious stalls. I'm still really scared of 'unusual attitudes' in aircraft. Steve is an aerobatic pilot and can do basically anything. After much prompting, he got me to do this steep skidding turn-stall with cross-control to accellerate the 'falling out of the sky' process. Basically you turn hard then pull up full-deflection to throw the nose way up. Then, you go full cross-control to create maximum drag and stall one wing really hard. Basically it feels like you just fell off a cliff and you spin from nose-up to nose-down and the plane starts rotating (incipient spins...). So you're flying along fine, bank hard, nose toward the sky then flip over one shoulder as you start free-falling and the plane starts winding up in a spin. Yeah.... it took me a while to really go for that one.....

Oahu Hawaii Glider Flights - Safety Discussed by AcroFlight Owner Steve Lowry - The most amazing videos are a click away


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