Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hiking Cedar Butte

Seattle is pretty awesome. Heather and I got in Friday night and got to walk around the hip district and catch up with Nick. I thought Grunge was dead but apparently it's "hipster" now.... We actually got to see stars, which I didn't think existed here, thought the drunks didn't seem to notice. Everybody wore what you'd expect in Seattle. Actually, it very oddly reminds me of Michigan Tech, only without 60 years of decay and economic depression. Canals, bridges, white people everywhere, big music scene and actually quite educated.

We had decided that Saturday was a hike day. Anna (Panza's fancy lady) came over early and we left for the Cascades (after Nick cooked - he's all growed up now). We hiked the Iron Horse trail and took a turn on Cedar Butte to the summit. It was beautiful!!! We went out to pizza and then passed out super early. Awesome.


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