Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ensenada Day 1

Friday the 13th, I flew over to LA to meet Gloria so we could work on this star project for a couple days before Jeff & Joe arrived. She and I worked together on the project and got a lot of good things done. When Jeff & Joe arrived early Monday morning, we all drove down to to San Diego. Jill was there so we all had a mid-road-trip breakfast. We drove across the boarder. There really was no boarder. We didn't even stop. The drive down was awesome. Once in Ensenada, we got to see the facility, institute and mirror polishing tool. They've got an interferrometer, micro-roughness measuring tool and a lot of neat hardware. We spent the rest of the day planning out the polishing of a 0.5m and 2m mirror blank. PLANETS moving forward!


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