Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Good News!

I got a very good email 5 minutes ago. Thank god. I submitted a short letter to ApJ a few months ago. They referee thought it was too short and gave too little background and recommended it for the full journal after expansion. We took a bit more data, beefed up the paper to 13 pages and the review is ridiculously easy to deal with:

I have just three comments:

- Figs. 1, 8, 10, 11: It is necessary to put the names of the targets into the individual plots to allow the reader to easily find a correspondence between the description of the spectrum in the text and the appropriate plot.

- there are several occasions of mistyping, but I guess these will be corrected during proofreading.

- Sect. 5: add the astro-ph number for the paper in press (Harrington & Kuhn 2009).



Blogger Diane Harrington said...

way to go!

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