Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Judy's Pics

On Tuesday, with Judy and mom in tow, we took a drive up the windward coast to see Kualoa, Sunset, the Waimea heiau and have dinner in Haleiwa. Good times. Then Wed, Judy and I hiked Mariners ridge. I learned a helluva lot about the ecologic development that would occur on a rock if somehow one could float said rock out in the middle of the pacific. I didn't know that there's all kinds of spiders, seeds, and other things just floating in the air. Said rock would have certain plants and perhaps scavengers nearly overnight. To turn said rock from a rock to a plant and bird covered rock, like Hawai'i was before the polynesians (and certainly after the haole's) it would take a while. And then let evolution run it's course....


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