Saturday, December 08, 2007

Thanks-Mas Stargazing

The weather cleared and I spent a little while doing some astrophotography. I've been trying to learn the sky lately. I've got a really big pair of binoculars and now I'm able to find the Andromeda galaxy easily. It's really impressive - a fuzzy blob that just happens to be a huge galaxy. I can see it naked eye now that I know it's there.

My pics are totally not impressive, but here's an idea of what it would look like to a normal camera.

A 30-second picture. It's a little fuzzball.

A 30 second exposure cropped and turned black-and-white.

And then, here's what nice gear and good skill can do.

Rob Gendler and an APOD with a normal telescope
Hubble as an APOD.

Spitzer in the infra-red as an APOD.

And then in the UV from Galex as an APOD:

And my pitiful attempt at comet Holmes.


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