Saturday, November 17, 2007

Point Reyes Afternoon

We drove up to Point Reyes park and hiked up to Sky Camp. We had an awesome site with a view of the sunset and the point. Excellent. We wanted to do a big hike on Sunday so we just played low key and caught the sunset from a near-by hillside. We forgot cutlery so ended up making chop-sticks out of some nearby twigs. Great idea! We ended up just sitting around talking for the night. I set up some night pics of the exploding comet, Holmes. It's physically as big as the sun and is a noticable, fuzzy blob in the sky! Brian brought some binoculars that I put up on my tripod. It was crazy. Very cool. I have a pair of 70" astro-binoculars that I can't wait to use when I get home.

The trail to Sky Camp.
The view of the beach.
A zoom in NIR shot.
Fog from the hillside - I've got a few timelapses of this.
Fogset HDR.
Holmes wide.
A deeper zoomed image - the comet is smeared same as the stars but, since it's fuzzy, all you see is a fuzzier core.

A zoom-in on the comet. There's lots of noise, but you can see the fuzzball. IfA grads measured it (on slashdot) as being physically bigger than the sun!!


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