Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Flying to Maui

Today was a very long day.... I woke up at 5am Cali time and didn't make it to bed until 4am Hawaii time the next day. I flew from San Jose to Honolulu and killed 2 hours waiting for my plane to Maui. Then, once I got there, I met with Jeff for an hour and then drove up the mountain. The weather was ok, great seeing and low winds but with high cirrus. The program before me canceled so I got to observe from 8pm to 3:30am. I came down with the bug Jesse had, so I felt pretty much awful by the time I went to bed, 25 hours after my day started.

San Jose
South Bay
The coastline south of San Fran with Half-Moon Bay
The city....
Kaneohe Bay
The Ko'olau Mtns
Ko'olau further North
A wide view of the windward range
Pearl Harbor


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