Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Harrington Hike

Jesse woke up feeling sick, so he slept for the day while Bri and I did a 13 mile hike down and around the coast. We dropped the 1000ft along a ridge in the fog and got to the coast as the day started clearing. The coastline was really dramatic. The hike up had some really cool views of the fog rolling in as well as some good greenery. We dedicated this hike to dad and made sure to keep the hat on at all times.

We got back around 3 and had a camp dinner and prepared for bed. Jesse sounded horrible. He resisted leaving that night but by 8pm I had talked him in to it. He was sick and stressing about work. Not a good way to camp. We packed up and hiked the 1.5mi back to the car in the dark and saw a bunch of deer. It was nice to shower and sleep in a bed, even though we only did one night away from civilization....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the hat hike. You two just keep it up. Dad

6:21 AM  

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