Friday, June 15, 2007

A Day on The Nut

Liz "sponsored" me to come out to her workplace on the Coconut Island refuge. She works out in this lab/shack where they grow all sorts of coral, algae, etc. There's even dolphin and sharks in little areas. Very cool. It was a very strong tide day - new moon - and I did a timelapse of the tide coming in. It was awesome. Hawaii doesn't get strong tides, but it was about a 3 foot rise today. The coral was amazing. They even have "touch-tanks" with all kinds of cool stuff growing in it. Liz and I took a walk around the nut and found mango trees and cool beaches. No wonder she's distracted out there......


Blogger Diane Harrington said...

It is so pretty there is it as deserted as it looks?

7:07 AM  

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