Saturday, June 09, 2007

North Shore Gliding

I met Billy at Mokuleia this morning to try another run gliding. The goal is to get the whole coastline of O'ahu covered once per year. This time we headed down the leeward side, towards Nanakuli. It was a bumpy ride...... But we've got the system pretty much worked out. It's pretty exciting - I'm consulting and sub-contracting in a "small-startup company" doing aerial survey work - Terrapac Imagery! Really, I'm just helping Billy and Sheila put a camera on a plane and use photoshop.......

Liz and I have been crashing at Rahul's place off-and-on the last few days. It's a great place to isolate and focus over on the windward side. I've been in writing mode - I've recently decided to try to graduate a year early and I need to get some stuff written up & published if I'm going to do that. Rahul has this awesome 13th floor view of the Ko'olau mountains and a pool/hot-tub in the apartment building. It's pretty conductive to putting thoughts together, at least for me anyways. I just sit around reading, writing, and editing. I feel most productive when I have something to facilitate spacing-out..... I don't know why, but it helps me put thoughts together.


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