Sunday, May 13, 2007

Point Reyes

We got up, packed up camp, and drove to Point Reyes. There was this really cool town on the way with a good fireplace for breakfast. We did a 3-mile hike out to the coast camp (back-country) which had pit-toilets and water. It's not truely back-country, but it was half-way, and at a really nice site. The walk out was totally flat too. Easy. It got soooo cold at night. We all were in bed (and asleep) by 8 or so. Bri says this was the most rustic camping he's done yet. He's got all this flash new camping gear so it was good to get him using it.... I would say this is Liz's first time doing 3 miles to a site (save outward bound, which killed her and left deep emotional scars). Bri and I carried everything so Liz's shoulder would get pissed off. I think we're a lot closer to erasing Liz's entrenched hatred of backcountry camping (and exercise).

Flower. Duh.
Liz n Bri hiking to the coast camp
The beaches at the coast camp.
Flower again.
Brian in a tree.....


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